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Work to Win Hockey

Founded in 2021 (formally known as Nichol Hockey), it is the vision of Work to Win Hockey to positively impact the lives of student-athletes on and off the ice.  WIth a background in education and a love for the sport our staff prides itself on operating at a standard that exceeds expectations of student-athletes, families, and coaches.


With platforms that include skill skates, checking camps, tournaments, private/group training, film evaluation and more Work to Win continues to provide opportunities to not only improve the overall athlete but create memorable experiences for our youth. Our commitment to making a lasting impact on our athletes on and off the ice drives our staff to continue to improve our craft. 


While sport, specifically hockey, has been our primary vehicle for positively impacting the lives of our student-athletes, our company prides itself on the development of the individual by working to win in the following ways: (1) striving to reach their full potential as an athlete, (2) learning to positively contribute in a team setting (3) developing a competitive mindset and most importantly, (4) as a person, striving to win the ultimate game, and that’s the game of life.