Film Evaluation

Why have your Skater's film Evaluated?

Athletes are Visual Learners

According to a study conducted by the Social Science Research Network 65% of people are visual learners. It’s likely that most athletes are not maximizing their learning simply by listening to the coach speak.

Immediate Feedback

Through video, coaches can show and correct mistakes instantly. Players are able to actually see what they are doing and ultimately retain the information better. As result players will develop faster.

Track Progress

By recording video over a period of time and building a library of content, coaches can help to show players how and where they have made improvements. This type of feedback can serve to motivate players, as they are able to see for themselves the progress that has been made.

Identify Strengths and Areas of Growth

Evaluating film over multiple games provides an opportunity to find positive habits that can be built upon and identify areas that need improvement. Once these are identified the athlete can work to improve in those areas.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is another important component to analyzing video during practice. 1.35 million youth athletes suffered a serious injury in 2012 according to research from Safe Kids Worldwide. This equates to one trip to the emergency room every 25 seconds for a youth sports related injury. Film evaluation is the perfect time for a coach to find and fix bad habits that players may have formed. Ensuring proper form and technique is one of the main injury prevention strategies that Safe Kids recommends.

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