Full Ice

10 Goals Drill

Drill description

  • Coach passes to LW or RW for a shot on goal.

  • After shot, coach gives winger another puck for a 2v1 back against D1.

  • After the 2 vs 1 shot, the centre (C) passes to either winger and joins the rush for a 3v2 back against D2 with D1 chasing.

  • Coach passes to the high slot player after the rush (usually the centre coming late) and they go back the other direction for a breakaway with D2 chasing. Start again with the next line.

  • The TEAM must score 15 goals before the drill ends.

Key points

  • Good combination drill for the goaltenders with a variety of game situations.

  • Players must think quick.

  • Defence play a variety of situations including some where they are chasing down the rush.

  • Both fun and challenging for all positions. Conditioning is hidden in this drill… they’ll love you for it!

2 on 0

2 0n o Rush 1

Once players get to about the red line next group can go.

2 on o rush 2

Need to work on capitalizing on the 2 on 0, 2 on 1 situations.

9 Cone Shooting

9 Cone Shooting Drill

  • Quick Shots

  • Head up

  • Push the puck (limited stick handle)

  • Speed

  • Back Check

2 on 0 backcheck

2 on 0 backcheck drill

  • Funnel to the middle!

  • Effort

  • 2 on 0 finishing

  • Conditioning

Red Wings Chip

Red Wings Chip Drill

  • F1 and F2 shoot then screen

  • Coach sends puck to D then D Shoots on net

  • Coach sends puck around to weak side

  • F1 attempts to chip puck past coach

  • F1 and F2 have a 2 on 1 with original shooting D man.

C Pass Give and Go

C Pass Give and Go

  • Speed

  • Passing

  • Communication

  • Positioning

Blizzard 2 on 1

  • Player 1 passes to the D then cuts to net for screen/ then D Shoots

  • Player 2 Passes to same D then cuts to net

  • D man shoots again

  • Player 1 or 2 receives pass from coach and they go on 2 on 1 entire ice.

3 Shot Warmup

4 Corner 2 v 1

4 Corner 2 X 1