Station Drills

Canada 1

Video Clip: 0:55-1:27

Canada Individual 1

  • Starting in Hockey Position

  • Drag puck

  • Escape Move

  • Shooting while driving

Canada 2

Video Clip 1:29-2:08

Canada Individual 2

  • Quick Shot

  • One time

  • Net Drive

Canada 3

Video Clip 3:17-4:07

Canada Individual 3

  • Wrap around net drive

  • Quick Shots

  • Positioning to shoot

Canada 4

Video Clip 4:07-4:57

Canada Individual 4

  • Quick Shot

  • Skating

  • Net Front

Simple Breakout Passing

Breakout Passing

  • Opening up

  • Timing

  • Acceleration

Spider Web

Troy Jump

88 Star

Mohawk Drive

Mohawk Drive

  • Looking for kids to get uncomfortable on their edges. Mohawk fast around the pads.

  • Advance kids add transitions

  • Also challenge kids to always be ready to catch a pass.

  • Add a puck if kids are ready

One Timer Passing

One Timer Practice

  • If kids cannot saucer pass yet start with a bounce pass off the boards

  • Also if bad pass work on catch release shooting.

  • Kids should be crashing the net

  • Rotate sides

Edge Work 1

Edge Work 1

  • Depending on the level of the player add different variations

  • Add a puck at the end

Heath Give and Go

Players should work to get open.

Hard Passes

Shoot while skating

King of the Hill

Bull Dog Passing

  • Getting into passing lanes

  • Timing

  • Body position

  • Pushing the puck in space (limited puck handle)

  • Shooting in stride

  • Communication

Doughty 1 vs 1

Drill description

F skates down the wall and around the ​bumper and then drives the net for a shot on goal

D skates forwards, pivots around the bumper and then skates forward and angles F

Key points

D take away the middle of the ice and don’t allow a cut back

F be creative on the attack and try to get to the middle of the ice

1 v 1 Angling Gates