August 11

Tuesday August 9


Lead Coach: Travis

Station Coaches: Fountain, Alex, Micah


  • Each Group will be around 6-8 kids.

Group 1: Bantam Players

  • Note if you notice a high level kid in group 2 send him to this group.

Group 2: Peewee Level

Group 3: Squirt/Mite

  • This group has been the most challenging. If we have an extra coach have them float with this group to help.


  1. Carter Bruggema

  2. Evan Winters


Thanks guys!

Full Ice Dot/Edge Skating- 15-20 minutes

Coach Travis will lead:

  • Leave one zone open. Other coaches- if a player is not grasping the drills that Coach Christian is leading. please take them aside in the open zone and work with them 1 v 1. ** Add pucks for top players today.

  • Goalies- Goalies have been hit or miss, but if they are there one of you please warm them up.

3 Stations - 30 minutes (8ish minutes each)

Station 1: Alex Full Zone Station 2: Fountain Full Zone Station 3: Travis & Micah (Neutral Zone)

Station 1: King of the Hill

Coach: Alex

Link to Drill

  • Maybe start by having two groups then try to have them all go together.

  • Add progressions such as only being able ot

Station 2: Relays

Coach: Fountain

Based on Groups and goalies adjust the relay as needed.

Station 3: Edge Work

Coach: Travis & Micah

  • Note- Need 5 pads out there for this...

Extra: 1 v 1 time with players

Coach: N/A Today

3 Stations - 30 minutes (8ish minutes each)

Station 1: Coach VanOeveren Full Zone Station 2: Fountain Full Zone Station 3: Travis & Micah

*** Note depending on time we might cut these short to do the fun activity below.

Station 1: Shooting Drill

Coach: Alex

  • Pick one of your favorite shooting drills. Just remember that the younger group it will need to be very basic.

Station 2: Small Area Game

Coach: Fountain

  • Any game you want based on kids/goalies.

Station 3: Finnish 5 pUck Progression

Coach: Travis

Drill description

Last 10 minutes: Fun Coach Christian Stick Drill