July 12

Tuesday July 12


Lead Coach: Travis Nichol

Station Coaches: Mike Fountain, Sam Waldhart, Blake Butzow, Tim VanOeveren.


  • SUBJECT TO CHANGE as registrations come in.

Group 1:

  1. Gavin McIntyre

  2. Robert Samples

  3. Westyn 'Dirt' Scott

  4. Steven Wright

  5. Nathanael Anderson

  6. Wyatt Lamb

  7. Nicholas Goodwin

  8. George Gostenik

  9. Cohen Fountain

Group 2:

  1. Kennedy Tudor

  2. R. William Burt

  3. Brandon Bruggema

  4. Dominic Bravata

  5. Lukas Holtrop

  6. Eli Olger

  7. Jackson Hatch

Group 3:

  1. Cooper Dowdle

  2. Makenna Bruggema

  3. Stuart Lamb

  4. Alex Brondyke

  5. Claire Goodwin


  1. Carter Bruggema

  2. Oliver Hartel

  3. Evan Winters


Full Ice Dot/Edge Skating- 15 minutes

Coach Nichol will lead:

  • I will leave one full zone open. If you see a player struggling or not understanding the skating drills we are doing please take them down to that zone 1 v 1 and work with them on it.

  • Fountain- run goalies through a skating warm-up.

3 Stations - 30 minutes (7-8 minutes each)

Station 1: Tim (Left In Zone) Station 2: Founts Full Zone Station 3: Sam (Right In Zone) Extra: Travis & Blake (Neutral Zone)

Station 1: 88 Star

Coach: Tim

Station 2: Relay Races

Coach: Fountain

Add different variables as you go... like starting on your stomach, going backwards, transitions, etc.

Station 3: Edge Work

Coach: Sam

Here are a couple options but feel free to make it your own. The key is to challenge the players push themselves on their edges and have good body control. Feel free to add pucks as needed.

Edge Work 1

Mohawk Drive

Extra: 1 v 1 time with players

Coach: Blake & Travis

We will each pull a player aside 1 at a time and work on individual skill stuff with the players.

3 Stations 10 minutes each (30 minutes)

Station 1: Travis & Tim Station 2: Fountain Station 3: Sam & Blake

Station 1: Body Contact

Coach: Travis and Tim

Station 2: Relay Races

Coach: Fountain

  • Based on the age level have all sorts of different relay race games.

Station 3: 1 v 1 CrossICE

Coach: Sam and Blake

  • 1 v 1 Cross Ice with passing.

  • Start the drill 1 v 1 cross ice... players can use a coach on either side to pass to and keep possession.

  • Feel free to make it a 2 v 1, 2 v 2, etc.

Extra time?

Capture the Cone full ice