Example Lesson Plan

NOTE: This is just a sample... we will breakdown much more film than what is shown here. For information why film is important please click this link.



  1. Quick release

    • Timed shooting

  2. Accuracy

    • Timed shooting + Accuracy

  3. Power

    • Weight transfer, body position

  4. Mentality

    • Where to go to score more goals.


  1. Body control

  2. Quickness- Starting/stopping in one motion.

  3. Transitions- edge work...

  4. Maximizing every stride


  1. Confidence = faster and better decision making.

  2. High percentage scoring areas

  3. Understanding Safe Zones

  4. Head up puck control

Prior to Lesson 1 Homework (Other than watching hockey!!!!)

5 ways to score more goals

Quoting one of my mentors, "I have never seen a team win a game without scoring a goal"

We all like scoring goals....whether you are just starting out, playing men's league or scoring the game winner in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

By the end of this video you should be able to tell me the 5 ways to score more goals when we meet for our first lesson.

Then we will improve these skills throughout our lessons by focusing on the skills that will help you excel in these "5 ways to score more goals"

TRAINING SESSION 1 plan: 6/9/21


  1. Just have some fun shooting pucks and get the blood flowing.

Skating Power

  1. Skating Fundamentals

    • Focus on stride and continuous feet movement.

    • We will film and document the baseline. Once again, looking for improvement over time.

Quick Shooting

  1. We will do a few different drills with this first to warm you up. And then do a baseline timing drill to track improvement over our lessons.

Confidence Time

  1. Head up skating...

  2. Uncomfortable situational training.

MacKinnon's Skating Stride

  • Check out Nathan MacKinnon's skating stride compared to his teammate.

    • Leg extension is maxed out

    • Head is up

    • Front skate is going in the direction he is skating

    • Arms are under control.

Jonathan's Skating Stride

  • Now this will look a little different because Mackinnon is a Righty and you are a lefty.

  • But I think we can have even more extension on your stride, which will come from even more knee bend.

  • Also notice your front skate, it is on an angle rather than pointing towards the direction you want to go. This again comes from that knee bend.

  • This isn't that bad though, little changes we will work on but you are already making improvements on this! Love it!

Training Session 2 6/15/21


Lesson 1 to 6 Progression