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Prior to Next Lesson Homework (Other than watching the Playoffs!!!!)

5 ways to score more goals

Quoting one of my mentors, "I have never seen a team win a game without scoring a goal"

We all like scoring goals....whether you are just starting out, playing men's league or scoring the game winner in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

By the end of this video you should be able to tell me the 5 ways to score more goals when we meet for our first lesson.

Then we will improve these skills throughout our lessons by focusing on the skills that will help you excel in these "5 ways to score more goals" 

Training Session 1 5/31

Edge Work

Focus Areas: 

On the edges but a little out of control. Head is up though which is why you are not tipping over...

Much better here... Trusting edges... head up, chest up can draw a parel line.

Head is down...bending over... leads to being out of control. Need to get more knee bend with head/chest up. 

Much closer here... head is up which is allowing upper body control. Trusting the your edges. 

Head goes down which leads to body going down and losing control of the puck. Love how you are on your edges but just need to keep the head up which will keep your body under control. 

Much better here.... Body is under control... next step is just getting even further on that inside edge. 

Need to get lower... bend the knees and really drive into those inside edges.

This is great! Notice the difference here between the three above of your teammates that are bent over. You can almost draw a straight line from skate to head... beautiful. Head is up, puck is under control... You are much lower than the pick to the left. Nice job!

Crosby Edgework Video

Crosby... look at how low he is and how much he is relying on his inside edges without sacrificing control of the rest of his body... he practiced this a million times..

Team Drill

Team Drill

Learning a new move!

Kyrou Playoff Goal

Rockford guys!